The Following Addresses were given at the March Spring 2008 Study Weekend - Friday 7th March through Monday 10th March

The Bride's Love, Humility and Devotion   (Ch 1:1 thro 27)   Bro Lynn Osborne

The Voice of My Beloved!  (Ch 2:8 thro 3:5)   Bro Phillip Hughes

The Splendour of the Marriage  (Ch 3:6 thro 5:1)  Bro Matthew Hughes

It is the Voice of my Beloved that Knocketh  (Ch 5:2 thro 6:13)  Bro Dale Lee

Go Thy Way by the Footsteps of the Flock  (Ch 1:8)  Young People's Talk, Bro David Humphreys

The Beauty of the Bride  (Ch 7:1 thro verse 9)   Bro Arthur Hughes

Signs of His Appearing (Ch 2:12-13 and 4:16)   Bro Len Niaglieri

Love's Labour in the Future  (Ch 8:8 thro verse 14)