The following talks were delivered at the Hengoed Study Weekend May 21st to May 24th 2010 at the Stackpole Centre, Pemrokeshire

Theme - Godly and Ungodly Influences


Jacob - "Now Therefore My Son, Obey My Voice According To That Which I Command Thee" Speaker:   Bro Arthur Hughes (Hengoed, UK)


Joseph - "Yahweh Was With Him, And That Which He Did, Yahweh Made It To Prosper" Speaker:   Bro Lynn Osborne (Denver, USA)

Samson - "The Child Shall Be A Nazarite To Elohim From the Womb To The Day Of His Death"  Speaker:   Bro Bryan Lee (North Carolina, USA)

Samuel - "I Will Give Him Unto Yahweh All The Days Of His Life"  Speaker:   Bro Gary Stephen (Boston, USA)


Joash - "Joash Did That Which Was Right In The Sight of Yahweh All His Days Wherein Jehoida The Priest Instructed Him"  Speaker:   Bro Robert Bennett (Hengoed, USA)

David - "El Is My Strength And Power: And He Maketh My Way Perfect"  Speaker:   Bro Dale Lee, Exhortation (North Carolina, USA)

John the Baptist - Prepare Ye The Way of Yahweh, Make His Paths Straight"  Speaker:   Bro Phillip Hughes, Public Lecture (Hengoed, UK)


Jephthah's Daughter -  "Do To Me According To That Which Hath Proceeded Out Of Thy Mouth"  Speaker:   Bro David Hughes (Hengoed, UK)