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Hengoed Gathering 2012

The following talks were delivered at the Hengoed Gathering May 2012 (May25th to May 28th): -


An Introduction to the Apocalypse Bro Ewan MacLeod, Hengoed Ecclesia


Time Periods of the Apocalypse Bro David Hughes, Hengoed Ecclesia

The Seven Seals of the Apocalypse Bro Matthew Hughes, Hengoed Ecclesia

The Seven Trumps of the Apocalypse Bro Ben Niaglieri, Goldthwaite Ecclesia, Texas


Blessed is he that Keepeth the Sayings of the Prophecy of this Book Bro Steve Male, Hengoed Ecclesia

The Beasts of Revelation Explained Bro Phillip Hughes, Hengoed Ecclesia

The Seven Vials of the Apocalypse Bro Glendon Rhodes, Richard Ecclesia, Canada


The Seven Ecclesias of the Apocalypse Bro Dave Humphries, Richard Ecclesia, Canada