North Carolina Study Weekend 2008 - Theme : "The Divine Self Portrait".

Study One - The Memorial Name Proclaimed - Bro Michael Phillips, Canton, Ohio

Study Two - The Glory of Yahweh and the Attributes of His Name - Bro Bryan Lee, North Carolina

Study Three - The Incomparability of God - Bro David Hughes, Hengoed, UK

Study Four - Yahweh, The Sustainer and Helper of His People - Bro Beryl Snyder, Canton, Ohio

Study Five - The Stupidity of Idols - Bro Len Niaglieri, Boston, Massachussets

Exhortation - Yahweh the Redeemer - Bro Phillip Hughes, Hengoed, UK

Lecture - Yahweh: The Creator and Israel's Maker - Bro Jim Phillips, Austin, Texas