Hengoed Study Weekend

The following addresses were given at Buckland Hall, Brecon, on 19th, 20th and 21st of March 2004.  

Cherubim Part 1 – Bro Wayne Johnson (Boston)

Cherubim Part 2 – Bro David VanPelt (Lampasas)

The Glory Departs – Bro Fred Higham (Detroit)

Yahweh’s Unfaithful Wives – Bro Bob Bent

Coming Judgement and Individual Responsibility – Bro Lynn Osborne (Colorado) 

Cherubim in the Tabernacle (Exhortation) – Bro Paul Garvey (Boston)

Russia at the Heart of World War III – Are You Ready? (Lecture)  – Bro Ed Truelove (Richard, Canada)

Worship in the Age to Come – Bro Dan Jackson (Richard, Canada)