In his days shall the righteous flourish; and abundance of peace so long as the moon endures.

He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth.  (Psalm  72:7-8) Bible Believing People

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Berean Christadelphians

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Berean Christadelphians

First Principles of the Oracles of God

The following lessons are designed for the benefit of those seeking to understand more about the true teaching of the Bible.

Lesson 01 - The Bible - Introduction

Additional Material

The Bible Today and You

Bible Finger Post No. 26 - Born Again

Christendom Astray - see chapter one

Seven Reasons to Believe the Bible

Is the Bible True - Bro Robert Roberts

Truth About God and the Bible - Bro Robert Roberts

Lesson 02  - The Bible - Interpretation and Translation History

Lesson 02a  - The Bible - Prophecy

Additional Material :-

Is the Bible the Work Of Inspiration - Bro Robert Roberts

Lesson 03 - God a Unity and God Manifestation

Additional Material :-

See Christendom Astray above – Chapter 6, God, Angels, Spirit and Jesus Christ

Summary of the Names and Titles of Deity

Bible Fingerpost Number 19 - “God” Bro Robert Roberts

Bible Fingerpost Number 20 - “Spirit” Bro Robert Roberts

Lesson 04 - Baptism

Additional Material :-

See Christendom Astray above – Chapter 17, Refuge From the Storm or What Must I Do To Be Saved?

Bible Fingerpost Number 25 - “The Remission of Sins” Bro Robert Roberts

See also Bible Fingerpost 26 listed above in lesson 01

Lesson 05 - The Promises Made to Abraham

Additional Material :-

See Christendom Astray above – Chapter 9, The Promises Made Unto the Fathers

Lesson 06 - The Covenant God Made With David

Additional Material:-

See Christendom Astray above - Chapter 12, The Covenant God Made With David

Lesson 06a - A House of Prayer for All Nations, Worship In The Age to Come

Additional Material:-

Worship in the Age to Come

Lesson 07 - The First Adam, The Last Adam and How Sin Entered Into the World

Additional Material:-

Bible Fingerpost Number 15 - “Why Did Christ Die?”

Bible Fingerpost Number 17  - “Why Did Christ Rise?”

Bible Fingerpost Number 18  - “Who Was Christ Who Died and Rose Again?”

Lesson 07a - Jesus Christ and the Crucifixion

Additional Material:-

Please read pages  19 to 25 (highlighted in yellow) of the booklet at this link Purifying of the Heavenly in relation to the use and meaning of the word Atonement.

Lesson 08 - The Kingdom of God - Future

Additional Material :-

See Christendom Astray link above – Chapter 8, The Kingdom Of God Not Yet in Existence